Sundsvall Wildcats

SCA-cupen 2016. Torsdag 1/9 kl 1900 Sundsvall Timrå Dam - Modo

Sundsvall Timrå Dam välkomnar alla.


SCA-Cupen växer, nu med dammatch
Sundsvall Timrå Dam - Modo Hockey
Torsdag 1/9 kl 1900 Sundsvall Energi Arena


Riksserien 2016/2017

Luleå, Modo, Leksand, Brynäs, SDE Hockey, AIK, Djurgården, Linköping, HV 71

Dags för vår 4:e säsong i Riksserien.


We welcome players from abroad to our team. We are used to have girls from Canada/USA and we have players from Italy on the team. We speek English during practice's and games so you need to know and speek English.

lör 29 okt 16:00-18:15 - SEA
sön 30 okt 16:00-18:15 - SEA
sön 23 okt 06:00-13:00 - Whereever
Doing some stuff that makes your heart pound and lungs work a little bit harder. At least 40 min.
sön 23 okt 16:15-17:15 - SEA
mån 24 okt 17:30-18:30 - Ungdomshallen
mån 24 okt 18:50-19:50 - Gärde