1610 DK Open (Odense)

Yonex Denmark Senior  21-23 oktober  
Odense (DK)

Sista anm: 20 sept 2016    
Du anmäler dig själv, ingen gemensam svensk anmälan.

Danmark Open kombinerat med Junior- & Veterantävling   HS/HD/DS/DD/MX

Level A (International and national level): +35/+40/+45/+50/+55/+60/+65/+70
Level B (Club level and local level): +35/+40/+45/+50/+55/+60/+65/+70

The tournament will be played in groups each 3 or 4 players / pairs. You can participate in three categories, but not in the same category in different age groups. You can subscribe with X-partners


We are combining Senior, Junior and World Class Badminton! We have created the perfect place for the entire Family to be together and enjoy the sport.

Get the whole experience and attend this new tournament. At the Yonex Denmark Senior, you will have the pleasure of playing your own tournament and at the same time watch your kids og grand-kids in action close by and to top it all off also to see the World class stars in live action in the amazing venue, where we guarantee an unique atmosphere and great matches on the Courts.

Come and join us in Odense!

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