2010 DK Open, Odense

Victor Denmark Senior, 16-18 okt 2020
Odense (DK)


Sista anmdag tors 1 oktober online:

Mer info: Inbjudan & anmälan & hotelltips m.m.


=========  (utdrag från inbjudan)

The tournament will be played in the following two levels and ages groups:

Level E (International & national level): +35/+40/+45/+50/+55/+60/+65/+70
Level A (Club level & local level): +35/+40/+45/+50/+55/+60/+65/+70

The tournament will be played in groups each 3 or 4 players/pairs.
• You can participate in three categories, but not in the same category in different age groups.
• You can subscribe with X-partners

Dvs 2 olika styrkeklasser för veteranerna, och poolspel.

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